Always with a paper and pencil



Creating is like breathing. It is not a hobby. It is a vital necessity. It is a latent necessity that I have had for a long time. My name is Jordi Soldevila. And I try to be a sculptor, photographer and painter.

Since I was a child, I have had the curiosity to draw the things that I have near me. Why? First, perhaps, by the magic of representing daily objects, and then by the pleasure of reinterpretingand modifying them. It Is not a coincidence. Perhaps it's an innate ability, but the family environment helped. At home, we lived the magical world of art through my father and my grandfather too. It is not strange that, since when I was a child until adolescence, my hands always drew and imagined worlds, shapes and colours on paper or canvas. During theseyears I was completely fascinated and captivated by theimpossible and dreamscape surrealism of Salvador Dalí or by the disturbing world of George de Quirico. Therefore, nobody was surprised when I decided to study Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, itwas a natural and logical decision. Pencil and paper drove me there.

When I finished my studies, the profession of graphic designer, as well as the world linked to communication and marketing, distanced me from paper and paint. The work and projects led me towards professionalization and computer design and editing software, abandoning the practice of art completely. But the need to create, the challenge of blank paper, the magic of brushes and paint, still remained inside me. And starting again to draw, working with my hands, touching the substances directly, it was like a finding myself again and a liberation. After the surrealist dreamscape, I started to get close to the magical surrealism of Joan Miró or Antoni Tàpies, as well as the primitive world of Jean Debuffet or the totemic art of Constantine Brancussi. So, marble dust, sand, cardboard, wood and iron, became the antidote to the work routine. Since then, the creative act has been constant and continuous, whether through painting,  illustration, photography or sculpture. I think, and then I breathe.

The need to have artistic creation is only one way to combat this world, a special way to understand it. Through art, like an astronomer who seeks the answer in the silent stars of the universe, I try to find something that gives meaning to my existence. Observing and studying nature, transforming matter, in the solitude of the studio's work, is when I find the balance between my inner world and the external world.

If you want to purchase or reserve some of my artwork, please ask me about the economic and logistic requirements. Art is to enjoy.